ESP32 Audio Decoding inquiry

Xasin wrote 09/09/2020 at 21:08 1 point

Hey guys!

I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience using an audio stream de/encoder on the ESP32 

Some of my future and current projects could really be enhanced by having something like Opus on the ESP to store higher quality audio without filling the entire memory with raw samples, as well as streaming, and instead of delving in head-first making my own things work, I wanted to see if anyone had something ready!

I am aware that there is the ESP-ADF (Audio Development Framework), but I'd feel much more comfortable with something standalone that integrates into the regular IDF and provides only one or two encodings - something like Opus would be enough.

If not, I'll probably just go ahead, take the open source Opus codec and try to get it to compile in Fixpoint mode, but I am worried that there might be some optimizations I would miss out on by taking the platform-unspecific library instead of something written more with the ESP's core in mind.