Suggestions of good tools for simple spoofing, like i2c, USART, CAN, SPI, etc

Gabriel D'Espindula wrote 10/02/2020 at 13:53 0 points

Hi folks

I'm looking for some tool to see the traffic information in a simple way (for some simple protocols as mentioned in the title), versatile and with a simple setup, not in the logic level, but one layer up. Lets say spoof USART for instance, I can set \n as last character, select the IOs I want to use, set the communication speed, power level (like RS232, TTL5V or TTL3.3V) and hook up both lines to see in the screen some sort of log showing what is going on, with timestamps (like burp websockets history). 

For i2c, same idea, select IO pins for clock and data, select voltage, hook up and get a log of time and who said what.

I hope same tool has actually programmable IOs that I can select to use and multiple protocols, not high speed required, more like this common protocols of cheap electronics.

I know there are some logic analyzer compatible with different software out there, but I don't know if this functionality is available, does someone knows? I usually use a dev board to read data and send by serial, but I'm a bit over it, every time I need to do a setup depending on the protocol and voltage level and so on, I want a more versatile tool.

Anyone has something cool to share here?