Some Lifelong Friendships.

Ar. Mukhesh Chowdary VAr. Mukhesh Chowdary V wrote 10/11/2020 at 15:10 • 6 min read • Like

Some people want you to be beside you all the time.

Some people Just Exist in the Galaxy and communicate quantumly, without any Medium.

Their memories are to be cherished in your lifetime.

Here are some Friends of mine, with no Benefits or Deposits.

John Olroy - University of Salford, United Kingdom.

Venkatesh Shahawalia Suryavanshi.

Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, HCL Campus, Sector 162-165, NOIDA, UP.

Nagaland House.

The Kakashi Sensei X2.

Aakanksha Gaur.

Yadu Rajiv.

Prof. Alok Ranjan.

The Light Spot

Govinda Boss. Royal Ministries of Bhutan

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