My Bodhi Sphere is Lost, Did anybody See IT?

Ar. Mukhesh Chowdary VAr. Mukhesh Chowdary V wrote 10/13/2020 at 11:27 • 2 min read • Like

As, Akira Kurosawa ponders upon the reality of truth and reality of personas and the importance of each of their own truths upon the world, the same applies to each and every truth and the person guilty as charged and the chargee. There are no leaks here, only discharged and overpowered batteries, just so that some gates knock & rain credit cards while some install plate earthing to ground the charge and save their radio frequency ID cards with their brain wave patterns when the world demands CT scans and MRI imaging. The better amperage your chargers have should apply to your homes too unlike, sequoia capital india, which has 2Mbps ADSL and wants to control the Wimax 802.11.5a/b/g/n airwaves and recognize UHP brainwave patterns while it already sulked to lose a fuel injection vs. ceat monster grip race and brought the Chris PfeiFFer BMW, to fight its war on the Streets of Gulaal Jaipur Pink City.