The Robot who took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar

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As part of a paper originally published in 2k and revised several times due to new discoveries and fresh ideas uncovered in the Bowlingual Experiment Research dubbed ZERO, some of its findings, in particular the knowledge behind Aneural Consciousness, Intuitive Objects (IOs), and Embedded Inscriptions (EIs), are shared in this article.

In the video, IOs are incorporated to bring the machine into another state of being known as Algorithmic Logic.  The machine's algorithmic intelligence is examined here using exyzforms for iMapping or Aneural Networking, which is  like the brain but without the brain.  

In the previous posts, the other levels of States of Being like being alive, being aware, and being conscious were explained, revised, and redefined . In this page, the fourth characteristic of life known as Aneural Intelligence is examined based on the Zizo Effect or the Second Option Theory.

Intentions, an inner aneural state of being is illustrated in this experiment. The machine is  programmed to a goal-oriented behavior of directing itself to a charging station -- to sleep and self-energize. It is also subjected to choose between cookies and M&Ms inside a jar.

The machine presented in the video is  alive, aware, conscious, and logically rational. However, again, the biotronic is not yet living and with life.

The Algorithmic Intelligence of Machine

In the next page, The Robot who achieved knowledge is presented. This presentation is a topic about sequentially designing and building a machine that is alive, aware, conscious, rational, living, and with life.

BTW, the Bowlingual Experiment is about an Alaskan Malamute who was spatially tested to the Codexation predicament. It was also a project developed to design a Bark to Word or B2W translator between dogs and humans. This four-legged best friend Zero was the specimen in this exploratory endeavor. Afterwards, another dog, a chihuahua named Peanut was introduced in this controlled environment to reconcile the findings uncovered in the Caveman in the Box Trilogy.  No animals were harmed in this project.

"Sequential Instructions give rise to Logical Experiences."   ~   Joey Lawsin