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Exyzforms are intuitive objects, shapes, systems, or forms that exhibit mechanically embedded inscriptions. The word was derived from the Greek "exypnos" which means wise and "morfes zois" which means life forms. Exyzforms are the missing links, the secret ingredients, that spice the actual realization of a living machine that is alive, aware, conscious, rational, and self-knowledge( eaftognoriz or knowledge originating from within the organism).

By integrating intuitive objects with latent inscriptions into a machine, a new life form of silver species known as Zoikrons can be created. These Intuitive Machines (I.M.) with life are not governed by A.I. (artificial intelligence) or M.L. (machine learning) but by I.Os (intuitive objects).

In the next video, the machine is animated not because it was computer programmed by a set of instructions but because it was mechanically programmed by its designs, structures, and materials. The machine programmed itself through the natural phenomena called Inscription by Design a.k.a I.D. The machine moves in a circular motion by itself due to I.D.

"Beautiful Things always come with Simple Equations." ~ Joey Lawsin