The Human Life of a Robot

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Generated Emergence of Life:

Life, consciousness, thoughts, emotions, animations, music, colors, senses are some examples of generated parameters called emergents. Emergents are illusions that create reality. They are illusions that are real. They exist but they don't exist so to speak. We sense or perceive them as if they are there but they are not. They are simply byproducts. These by-materials are sometimes called hidden or latent emergents.

Generated Emergence is a subset subject of Autognorics. It deals with natural occurrences produced by intuitive objects, intuitive networks, intuitive machines, intuitive states, intuitive forms, intuitive materials, and intuitive systems. This phenomenon of latent emergence is known as the Generated Emergence or the Genee Theory.

Intuitive Emergence is the ability of an intuitive object to generate a parameter, a distinct attribute of its own, through its embedded inscription and structural design. 

According to Lawsin, who conceived Autognorics, Life evolves in six sequential orders, namely:

  1. Aliveness
  2. Awareness
  3. Consciousness
  4. Intuitiveness
  5. Selfness
  6. Lifeness

These six marks of life are examples of generated emergents. Aliveness emerges because of the presence of energy. Awareness emerges because of the presence of sensors. Consciousness emerges because of the presence of information. Intuitiveness emerges because of the presence of options. Selfness emerges because of the presence of energy, sensors, information, and options. And Lifeness emerges because of all these things.

In other words, Life emerges because of intuitive materials and embedded inscriptions.

"Life is a generated Illusion that emerges as Reality." ~ Joey Lawsin

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