Christoph TackChristoph Tack wrote 01/02/2021 at 14:58 • 1 min read • Like

Yaesu FT-65E

European version of the FT-65 can listen to PMR446, but not transmit on that band.  Transmission on PMR446 is only allowed with PMR446-certified radios (fixed antenna, TX-power limited to 0.5W, ...), which the FT-65E is clearly not.

It's however technically possible to use a Yaesu FT-65E on PMR446:

  1. Expand TX-range of a Yaesu FT-65E outside the ham-bands using this guide here.
  2. 8 : CTCSS : set up the same as a PMR446-radio.  On Kenwood PMR446 handsets, this will be called "Quiet Talk (QT)" setting, but it's effectively the same thing.
  3. 29 : SQL Type : TSQL
  4. 32 : TX Power : LOW
  5. 37 : WIDE/NAR : NARROW (+/-2.5kHz deviation instead of +/-5kHz) (Optional)
  6. Set the TX-frequency equal to that of a PMR446-radio.

Kenwood TK-3201T