Few notes on designing with i.MX RT 1010

kamtarkamtar wrote 02/07/2021 at 22:41 • 3 min read • Like

I.MX RT1010 is a cheap and powerful Cortex-M7 running on 500Mhz. Poor documentation and limited peripherals are the reason behind its low price. But despite that, I see it as a very interesting MCU for some uses. I have used it for UAC2 DAC.

These notes are usable for i.MX RT1020 too, but I will base it on RT1010.

I'm using LPC-Link2 with MCUExpresso.

Few things to consider before choosing RT1010:

  • There is some amount of decoupling capacitors. 
  • It can generate a bit of noise, if you have a sensitive analog on your board be careful.
  • RT1010 was made with 2 layer boards in mind but I would strongly recommend going with 4 layers.
  • Example schematic:

    On boot process:

    If you have some tidbits of information about RT1010 you think could be added please let me know.