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Because I lost track...I want to keep this list...may missing some older ones. If you know of one missing please notify me.

2021-02-08 A Modern Homage To The TIL311 Display

2020-12-24 Discrete LEDs Make A Micro Display

2020-01-03 Hackaday Podcast 048: Truly Trustworthy Hardware, Glowing Uranium Marbles, Bitstreaming The USB, Chaos Of Congress

2019-01-10 35C3: Biggest Communication Congress, Yet Little Chaos

2017-05-06 Hackaday Prize Bring-a-Hack Munich Was Great

2016-06-12 Tiny Tiny RGB LED Displays

2015-10-02 The Square Inch Project Challenges Your Layout Skills

2015-10-14 ASCII Games, Chiptunes, Hacker Celebrities At Hackaday Prize Worldwide Berlin

2015-06-19 Hacklet 52 – Breakout Board Projects


This Modern Day Take on the TIL311 Shines a Light on How to Deal with Part Obsolescence!

If Imitation Is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery, Lixie Labs Should Be Flattered by the COPIXE!

Build an Ultra Tiny Smart RGB LED Display Matrix with the SAM D21

OSH-park Blog

2021-02-03 This Modern Day Take on the TIL311 Shines a Light on How to Deal with Part Obsolescence

2020-12-26 Discrete LEDs Make a Micro Display

2018-02-04 reDot Smart 5×7 LED Matrix

2016-12-19 reDOT: Tiny 5×7 LED matrix

2016-06-13 Tiny Tiny RGB LED Displays — Hackaday

2016-05-12 PICTIL: Remake of the TIL311 display

2016-01-18 One Square Inch: more OSH Park shared projects