• Cheap quad wifi camera

    08/03/2016 at 21:07 0 comments

    I got a couple of cheap quad cameras from Ali the other day.

    They are :

    SYMA X5SW 66

    I think @ $14 each if they work that way then they are a steal.

    I was wondering how you would connect them to a Windows PC.

    I have tried a couple of quick things. To start off with and have started looking on the net.

    My big problem is that I also got my 3D printer in as well. So some help would be so so nice, and needed.

    I am thinking of putting them on the printer, so that my boys can watch from there PCs and not bug me in my work shop. ( Not that I dont love them, But they talk and talk. I hope you get the idea.)

    Now that I have started this I think that I should start to put some of the things that I have done and am working on in here. But this is a start, after being on hackaday for over three or four years.

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