• OpenRemote 100% Open Source IoT Platform

    12/16/2020 at 20:33 0 comments

    OpenRemote is introducing a new open source IoT Platform, which is 100% open source (so no features behind a commercial version only).

    It's already applied in larger professional applications in The Netherlands, UK, Germany and US, so ruggedised!

    Main features:

    • Map and Asset view, including provisioning
    • Asset model with self defined asset types
    • Configurable Protocol Agents, aligned with Asset models
    • Both Flow-, WHEN-THEN-, and Groovy Rules
    • Data visualisation on an 'Insight' page
    • Manager Interconnect: Edge Gateway instances can be coupled with a single centrally hosted instance
    • Account management & ID service: creating roles and users, editing accounts, TFA
    • Logging

    Demo: https://demo.openremote.io

    Source Code: https://github.com/openremote/openremote

    License: APLv3