Current state, input UI elements and ideas

A project log for pyLCI - Linux Control Interface

Makes Raspberry Pi accessible, portable and easily configurable.

ArsenijsArsenijs 08/29/2016 at 16:350 Comments


I've been working on pyLCI from time to time. What's new?

I'm mainly moving pyLCI forward because my projects need it. For example, input UI element was necessary for #ICeeData, and it in turn needed the "eliminate refreshes" patch. Number adjust UI element, custom chars and RPC API were for a project a local company ordered from me (sadly, not open-source). Listbox and volume control app are for #Wearable Raspberry Pi personal assistant - first thing I want to set up on it is listening to music, so that's necessary.

To sum up - pyLCI is a good base for my projects. I improve it while working on my them, and as long as I have other projects, this will stay the same way.