Converting a Monoprice Maker Select V2 to Ramps

MELZI is trash, RAMPS is better. This will help you convert your printer to a sustainable controller.

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Because I'm not gonna RMA this damned thing a third time.

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  • X/Y/Z Stops Connectors

    eth0up03/26/2018 at 03:52 0 comments

    I found a trio of 3-pin JST connectors laying around, so I labeled the "S" and "-" wires of the (stock) 2-pin X/Y/Z stop connectors, then popped the pins out and seated them into the 3-pin connectors. This will allow the stops to cleanly connect to the MKS Gen V1.4 board.

    I'll need a crimp tool and some blank connectors to finish the remaining connector swaps, parts arrive Wednesday.

  • Wires mapping

    eth0up03/24/2018 at 18:55 0 comments

    Separated the wires from their harness/zipties, labeled them, and noted where they'd go to on the MKS Ramps side. Some connectors won't be compatible and will require crimping, others will work as they are.

  • Research.

    Ramsey Gill03/23/2018 at 06:36 0 comments

    Initial log, video chat session with eth0up, we started looking into other tutorials to jump off from and clean up. This is promising.

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    Gather components from the list here: components.

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    Control box/board disassembly

    Disassemble the Maker Select V2 control box and LABEL ALL WIRES as you disconnect them from the stock Melzi board.

    Be sure to check the underside of the Melzi board for pin mappings:

    I like to use standard masking tape for temporary ID tags.

    Before we embark on this journey into rewiring, double check to make sure everything is labeled accurately. Now might also be a good time to grab a sip of your favorite brown liquid.

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    Power supply labeling

    Here are a couple pics to show you how my PSU was wired and what I labeled:

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