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Samuel A. Falvo IISamuel A. Falvo II 03/14/2018 at 17:162 Comments

I'm recording some ideas for Kestrel-3 here before I lose them.  Standard disclaimers apply -- not all of these may see light of day, at least right away.  These are nice-to-haves.


Vince Hodges wrote 03/15/2018 at 00:10 point

Some links you might be interested in that I've come across while thinking about an Exec clone: and  I'd be interested in helping out in some way (code, beta testing, etc).

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Samuel A. Falvo II wrote 03/15/2018 at 03:27 point

Thanks for the links.  I'm sure these will come in handy in the future.  BOAR already contains an implementation of exec.library, although like the original, it's written in assembly language.

I'm *may*, if I can get my spiffy code generator for Forth working sooner rather than later, even consider writing it in Forth.  Now, won't *that* just shake the world up?  LOL!

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