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A project log for meinEnigma

A electronic enigma replica

lpaseenlpaseen 03/30/2016 at 22:360 Comments

Since I'm tight on program space I considered changing to ESP8266 and while that would address the memory issue it requires a big redesign of the top board and while it is a good thing I'm thinking it is to much work. If I start to redesign everytime I find something new to play with I will never get this project off the ground so for version 1 I decided to go with what I already have, arduino nano.

Impact will be less machines simulated and more picky on syntax in the serial interface but maybe someone better than me can optimize the code to allow more to be done.

With that said I'm now finalizing the lamp&keyboard and the plugboard so I can get them made asap. The top main board will require a little more work like making sure everything physically fits and for that test I need some more components that are still in the mail.