Lamp and keyboard test finished

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A electronic enigma replica

lpaseenlpaseen 05/23/2016 at 20:010 Comments

Finished testing of the Lamp and Keyboard PCB, did find some issues but nothing to big.

Plugboard testing will have to wait a little because the plugboard is for narrow version of the mcp23017 and I have E/SO which is the wide version so it doesn't fit on the PBC. I have ordered new mcp23017 E/SS (=narrow) and once they come I can put them on the board and test them. However - since the wide version of the chip is way more common I changed the footprint on the plugboard so it will take the wide (E/SO) version as of next batch.

While waiting for the chip to arrive I'm going to finalize the main board and start working on a box to put it all in.