Workbench MK1

Made from 15mm Plywood and 12mm OSB3, powered by a Metabo KS55 TS hand circular-saw and a Metabo OFE 738 router.

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This workbench is a multipurpose tool. It will accept 2 modules, for now an hand saw and a router. The modules are circular shaped because i couldn't do a perfect square one, it is easier to do a tight fit and simplifys a fine alignment with the fence.

Parts :
- Top : 15mm Plywood
- Walls : 12mm OSB3
- Inner walls : 15mm Plywood
- Fence and rail : 80x40mm nut 10 aluminium Bosch profil

Assembly of plywood and OSB3 : I carved a 12x7mm depth rabbit in the top and glued the 12mm OSB3 in it.

I use an emergency Stop to turn ON/OFF the saw.

Cost :
Plywood virtualy 0€. It was a rest from an other project. I bought 4 sheets 2500x1250x16mm for about 100€ on ebay "little ads", about 70Km from my place.
OSB3 is 3,80€ for one 1690x634x12mm OSB3 sheet and i used 2, so 8€.
Bosch profil 2000x80x40mm 20€ on ebay "little ads".
Woodglue 10€.
Aluminuim stock ~15€ shipping included.

Total : roughly 54€


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    Step 1

    Dado in 16mm plywood are 7mm deep.

    Dado in 12mm OSB3 are 4mm deep.

    I almost used only woodglue (Titebond), the bottom piece end the corners are screwed.

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PointyOintment wrote 03/08/2016 at 15:20 point

I've been reading a lot of stuff on Matthias Wandel's site recently, to get ideas for Protospace's woodshop, and just the other day saw his two wooden tablesaws, and his dad's wooden tablesaw. So I was a bit surprised to see one on here today.

I like the idea of circular modules for the saw and router. Do you just swap in whichever one you want to use?

At Protospace we're considering building a router lift into the other side of our tablesaw's table (on the other side of the fence from the saw) so they can share the fence. Maybe we should consider making it modular as well (on the extension side; the saw itself is a full tablesaw and can't be modularized).

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NPN wrote 03/08/2016 at 15:42 point

Hi, thanks for your comment. That's right, i can't use 2 modules simultaneously. I have to switch them.

What would be the advantage of this system in your situation, if you just need a router near the saw blade. I'm not sure if i anderstand what you meant. Sure you can use the fence of the saw blade, but why the circular modules ? 

Can you post the link to his build and a link to your project as well ?


I saw the video of Matthias Wandel about table saws on Youtube.

The thing is, that is design implies too much fabrication and money to me. 'caus you need to modify the circularsaw, you need to buy 2 of them. But i use mine most of the time as a track saw.

The adventage of his design i see, is the depth cut.

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PointyOintment wrote 03/14/2016 at 17:24 point

Ours isn't online yet. So far it's just in-person conversations that go something like "It sure would be nice to have a router lift on the extension side of the tablesaw." "Yep." I think it'll probably be one of these integrated into the right side (black part) of this tablesaw:

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NPN wrote 03/19/2016 at 10:54 point

I see, i really like the design from Jay Bates :

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