Arduibag is a connected backpack for bike riders. It is also an open source project created by two passionate french guys: Michaël D’AURIA and Stéphane DE GRAEVE.

You can freely use all the information from Arduibag website: schematics, source code, 3D files…

Please use our contact form to let us know if you make your own Arduibag or if you improve it!

The concept

The project was inspired by the concept design winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2010: SEIL bag by Leemyungsu design lab.

The design lab concept really looked innovative and perfectly meets one crucial need for bike riders: visibility!

We wanted to make this project come true and to give anyone the opportunity to make his/her own bag and improve on it. That’s why we decided to turn it into an open source project!

Please note that the implementation of this project requires a little time and money

If you find the idea interesting but do not have the spirit of a hacker or a handyman, you’d better buy a commercial product:

But if you buy one of these commercial backpacks for bike riders, you will not have the satisfaction of having made your Arduibag yourself. Furthermore, you won’t have the opportunity to participate in the improvement of the Arduibag concept! That would be a shame, wouldn’t it? :)


What can Arduibag do for you (current version)?

  1. Display a flashing arrow to indicate to drivers which direction you want to turn.
  2. Display a “STOP” message when you want to be visible at a traffic light.
  3. Display a “Thanks!” animation to thank a car driver and thus, promote mutual respect between bikes and cars!
  4. Display a warning message to help a driver be visible when witnessing a car accident.
  5. Display information like time, travel time, temperature and humidity.

And now?

Now, throw yourself into the adventure of building your own Arduibag: you will not regret it!

Good luck and contact us if you have any difficulties in achieving your prototype.
We will try our best to answer you.