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A project log for VegeTerrium

A decorative indoor garden/greenhouse

leonLeon 08/02/2016 at 08:400 Comments

After working out some last bugs and testing the software, I decided to finalize the hardware and mount it inside my enclosure. I wanted all of the growing area to be isolated, so I carefully and painstakingly drilled and cut every single screw hole to the perfect depth. Except one, the second to last screw had to go through the acryllic sheet! I also figured that the power supply was going to be too loud and annoy the heck out of everyone in the vincinity, so I mounted it on a vibration dampening foam sheet. Or you might know it as dirt cheap crafting foam... As I was almost finished, I managed to burn out my LED without a replacement. It gets even better, because the original seller also stopped offering them on Amazon! After some intense searching I came up with some LED's which look the same, but if it comes from China that means as good as nothing...This is my enclosure with all electronics mounted and LED's on full powerThese are all of the hardware components that were mounted (and used to mount)