Finally: Plants Are Growing!

A project log for VegeTerrium

A decorative indoor garden/greenhouse

leonLeon 03/04/2017 at 10:330 Comments

It's been a long time since my last update on the VegeTerrium project, I've been delaying the actual planting because I was unsure about which plants and substrate are suitable for the enviroment I created. Something that I discovered quickly after starting to search for plants, is that most of them require a hibernation period; If I were to ignore it, the plants would die. The alternative was to search for tropical species, some of which can tolerate growing conditions year round. I discovered that most carnivorous plants are tolerant to this enviroment and decided to start with the sundew, a.k.a Drosera Capensis.

As a substrate, I am using peat moss, even though I was strongly against it (peat moss is a very unsustainable substrate). At the gardening store I was persuaded to use peat instead of coconut fibers, because the fibers would apparently not provide a good substrate (though I still have my doubts). These plants have been growing for a few weeks now, but there was an accidental dry period temporarily stunting their growth. Already, small mold spores can be seen because of the high humidity. In another few weeks/ a month I will adding earth to the vegeterrium and moving the healthiest plants over. My next task is getting some new plants, and some protein for the carnivores!