Ordered the printed parts

A project log for Direct UV Printer for Alternative Photography

Design of a UV printer for making exposures of Alternative Photography prints, direct from a digital image

david-brownDavid Brown 02/05/2017 at 16:370 Comments

So i've placed an order for the printed components so those should come through from Shapeway next month, and i'll get the cut parts ordered shortly.

To give an overview of where this is at here are some cut-away, firstly of the print head;

Then the base plate drive system, onto which the paper is taped down. This is likely to be a piece of tempered glass, which can be easily cleaned of any chemical contamination build up from the papers;

And finally an top view of the head drive system, with gearing and tension take-up bracket on the lower left side;

I still need to do a bit of design work on the end stops and positioning for the head and base plate.