laser head buildup

A project log for Direct UV Printer for Alternative Photography

Design of a UV printer for making exposures of Alternative Photography prints, direct from a digital image

david-brownDavid Brown 04/06/2017 at 15:530 Comments

I've received the 3D printed parts, so i've been building up the components of the laser head. The high definition nylon prints are good, but dissapointed by the large black casing as its not a solid print so fitting the metal screw inserts has been a pain. For the cost next time i need larger scale parts i'll just invest in a printer and do it myself.

I'm still awaiting some more nuts & bolts to assemble the frame

The trigger laser now works and will be trimmed by having leading zeros in the FIFO to allow accurate position calibration.

The micro stepper fitted well and will do a good job allowing the focus to be adjusted. I've yet to fit the beam tube and output lens.