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A project log for Project 72 - Korg DW-6000 wave memory expansion

An attempt to reverse engineer and modify Korg DW-6000s firmware in order to expand its wave memory.

Isa TwospiritIsa Twospirit 06/08/2018 at 11:000 Comments
...and I'll be contributing what I can to make this project work.
I stumbled across it while looking up mods that could be applied to my DW6000. Since it's almost due for inspection (y'know, them oulde caps and stuff), this seems to be the right time.
After some messages going back and forth, Mateusz and I decided I could join in.
And what will I be doing?
For now, I'll focus on getting waveforms ready for the DW. As a start, I'll generate them using a little tool I created a while ago to feed a 8-Bit-ATMega-based MiniSynth (Yup, it's VB.Net. To keep things simples, audio output is performed using NAudio):Later on, I'll see to adapt waveforms stripped from other machines.

Just in time, an EPROM programmer and a small batch of 27C256 EPROMs dropped in today, so in theory I could start burning.
But not just now - first I'll need to open up my DW and replace the stock waveform EPROMs with sockets.

Stay tuned!