Going live

A project log for Project 72 - Korg DW-6000 wave memory expansion

An attempt to reverse engineer and modify Korg DW-6000s firmware in order to expand its wave memory.

mateusz.kolanskimateusz.kolanski 03/23/2016 at 15:150 Comments

Today's a big day for my little project - I decided to make it public. I still have some backlog (put a photo here and there, rephrase some sentences, etc), but I can probably take care about it later.

As for today's activities I set up a local GIT repository and committed some code. I'm not planning to go to github, because I'm reverse engineering proprietary code. I know that DW-6000 is an ancient piece of gear and I bet nobody would care, but still I don't want to turn my little project into a lawsuit :) *Maybe* someday I will contact KORG via korgforums, but not yet.

I created a custom Notepad++ style to highlight upd7810 syntax properly. It's far from being perfect (it doesn't color some hexadecimal values and doesn't support labels at the moment) and some colors are well.. at least questionable, but it's still a nice thing to have.

I managed to understand/comment some more source code. I focused on the main loop and timer ISR just to see what it does when it's "idling". It's still incomplete and somewhat convoluted and I got a feeling, that I'm nowhere near the end - but that's the beauty of assembly language - jump, branch, call and interrupt in the middle :)