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A project log for Workbench CNC Mill

CNC Mill with aluminium flat bar frame built without mill or lathe.

gregstephensongregstephenson 04/10/2016 at 04:451 Comment

Well As you can see, a clear contender for worst enclosure of all time. It'll hold together until I get the spindle and VSD and can lay everything out properly though! You can also see the mill now with tool plate, all drive tabs, and motors fitted. It's currently joggable through Mach4 and an Ethernet Smoothstepper.

The power supplies are MeanWells, and I'm using a Gecko G540 4 axis board to drive my steppers. I was absolutely not keen to toner transfer this equipment like I did on my RepRap. Luckily, once I get an engraver and a little 3W laser diode fitted to this thing, I'll never have to print my PCB layouts again.

Oh and yes, the steppers will have 4 pin connectors fitted, I was just in a hurry to see if it all worked :).


Jan wrote 04/10/2016 at 15:12 point

Looks like a really solid build! Looking forward to first milling tests and videos!

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