PCB bug: Missed pullup for Reset Pin

A project log for Used Cell Phone Orchestration

Atmega-based PCB to control Cell Phone keypad. Can be programmed to perfom any phone operation (call, sms, photo, web)

SergeySergey 04/04/2016 at 15:020 Comments

Hi There,

Soldered all components onto the Oshpark board (BTW, what a quality!)

Looks like I missed a pullup resistor for enabling Atmega328 reset pin being triggered by Serial DTR. Will add it to Oshpark files.

If you are seeing that your DIYArduino/Atmega is unresponsive via Serial although absolutely should work - check this pullup for PIn 1 on Atmega328, all pre-build Arduino boards should have it.

Everything else is looking good. I'm currently testing the board.