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Atmega-based PCB to control Cell Phone keypad. Can be programmed to perfom any phone operation (call, sms, photo, web)

SergeySergey 09/23/2016 at 15:290 Comments

Recently I was able to finally put everything together into a solid test.

I've figured out a Macro for sending a photo via email. If you wonder in the code it looks like

String PROG_sendphoto = "bbbbbbbb-mdddmmmdmm-dddmuuuumPPmPPP--mm";


I've coded the Atmega chip to execute this macro every 5 minutes (or so, 10000 cycles)

Here is how it looks like in my webmail where cloud telemetry forwards incoming emails

During this test I figured that phone battery could support roughly 30 hours of such activity (no surprise with sending something via 3G every 5 minutes), but I'm sure this could be extended when I remove a cell phone screen (I left it for debug and research purposes)

Also I discovered that email application in my phone (SE z530i) cannot send any emails once sent items is full of 30 emails (very strange :(). So I've also scheduled every half an hour a "delete all sent emails" macro.

Then I also realized that I need to know if phone is switched on or off, because sometimes I need to power-cycle it and it may not come back in a timely manner. Or I may decide that when battery is dieing the chip should turn phone off to save the energy and then switch it on regularly for short period of time (so, that I can find it via GSM carrier triangulation :))