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A project log for Project Cerberus: Dead Man's Smartwatch

Smart watch with NFC, BTLE, motion and biometric sensors to act as an authentication device with a "dead man's switch".

MicroHexMicroHex 05/30/2016 at 00:050 Comments

It's been a busy, busy month. Turns out full-time post-secondary schooling, as well as 15 to 20 hours a week of paid work (to pay for school, and projects) doesn't leave all that much time and energy for projects and other productive tasks. That being said, I've managed to poke at my project somewhat, as I do have a couple modules (close enough in function to what I'd want to use) to get started at getting some base functionality in.

This project does need a lot more development, but it's a little difficult to fit all in since the start of the competition. This project was an idea I had had late last year, but didn't have time to get started on until the competition had started. It can be hard to compete against other projects that already have a year or more of time put into them...

Unfortunately, as far as challenge rounds go, only the first two are relevant to this project, so it'd be very hard to compete in any of the later challenge rounds without massive rework of the concept.