Front wheels swapped to omniwheels

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Open build , Solar Charged , robotic or RC lawn mower with interchangeable attachments for leaves , trash , edging , weed eating and more.

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 03/30/2018 at 14:182 Comments

These are 8 inch omniwheels, two meshed together I found online,

I had to tap on bearings on the original axle the mowers wheels came off of. Two bearings support one wheel. one inner and one outer with a bold on the outside.


Josh Starnes wrote 03/30/2018 at 15:12 point

It looks like the guy I bought mine from, the website is no longer there.  I am glad I got them when I did.

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Vishnu M Aiea wrote 03/30/2018 at 14:49 point

Oh I wish I could get those wheels here.. I plan to build a 6 wheel multi-purpose ground rover soon and I'm gathering parts for it now. I've found suitable motors but yet have to find some good wheels.

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