Spiked solid rubber tires gives super grip

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Open build , Solar Charged , robotic or RC lawn mower with interchangeable attachments for leaves , trash , edging , weed eating and more.

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 03/30/2018 at 14:381 Comment

I used a box of 100 screws and drive them into the solid rubber tire, the screws seemed to work really well at holding grip. I may consider moving to a all rubber tractor tire , but this is working fine. The screw heads stick out .5 inches. I will clean them off and coat the tire and screws with a thick coat of liquid rubber from plastidip so I can keep them from scratching the driveway and also have matching black wheels / tires.  This guy also needs a paint job !!


Curtis wrote 04/06/2018 at 13:37 point

Since, you've tested it now, how long does the single charge usage last and do you have a decent idea of what speeds you're getting to reliably cut the grass?

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