Surveillance using tracking and targeting

Project is about real-time object detection and tracking method which uses CCTV camera to identify and track the target real time.

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Object tracking is an important task within the field of computer vision. The proliferation of high powered computers, the availability of high quality and inexpensive video cameras, and the increasing need for automated video analysis has generated a great deal of interest in object tracking algorithms. There are three key steps in video analysis: detection of interesting moving objects, tracking of such objects from frame to frame, and analysis of object tracks to recognize their behavior. Therefore, the use of object tracking is pertinent in the tasks of:

1. Motion based recognition, that is, human identification based on gait, automatic object
detection, etc.
2. Automated surveillance, that is, monitoring a scene to detect suspicious activities or
unlikely events
3. Video indexing, that is, automatic annotation and retrieval of the videos in multimedia
4. Human computer interaction, that is, gesture recognition, eye gaze tracking for data
input to computers, etc

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  • 1 × Arduino
  • 1 × Camera
  • 2 × Servo motor

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