Project Summary

This project documents the development of my own personal and lightweight IoT and automation implementation. Certain details are certain to be left out to protect the security of my household.

I needed a way to monitor the status of my driveway gate and my garage door. There are many reasons for this:

I investigated some open source/freeware home automation solutions. They all had several things in common that conflicted with my need to get out of the dog house on the car situation:

Enough! I was drowning in obscure Linux packages, a billion jar files, and thousands of pages of documentation. Not to mention my poor PogoPlug server has been brought to its knees multiple times with all the experimenting. I need something much more lightweight than this:

Okay, so I've got a PogoPlug, a Mosquitto, and a NodeMCU. This is my plan for getting off the couch after buying a car without a garage door opener. This is the sad state of my life...

<spoiler alert>

Skipping to the end...I hit it out of the f'ing park. Hard to believe, but true. Stay tuned for how I did it.