Distance measurement with 3D camera

Distance measurement using 2 cameras and triangulation

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Accurate distance measurement is easy when using a "hardware" solution but can be quite difficult to perform and get usable results using non contact methods.

With this project, I will try to design a solution to measure distance accurately using 2 cameras and an FPGA.

The project will be developed on Xilinx zynq. It will use 2 cameras that will be some distance apart (65mm). The user will take a picture and select a point on the picture. The system will then calculate the distance with triangulation.
The picture will be displayed on the monitor probably via HDMI or VGA.

The goal is to achieve accurate distance measurement using only 2 pictures.
If the above solution will work ok there will be upgrade: measuring distance inside video feed.

The concept will be the same only instead of taking a picture and then perform the measuring it will be possible to measure distance with a video stream.

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