A project log for Interdimensional Portal Gun

A 3D printed portal gun, which projects animated portals.

daren-schwenkeDaren Schwenke 04/14/2018 at 02:360 Comments

I made some minor changes which refined the look of the front to match the source, without increasing the required wall thickness.  So the main body print is now down to under 15 hours.  :) 

I also increased the strength of the gear carriers and added a raised section to the gear itself which should reduce friction.  While I was at it I moved the support for the tabs for the carriers to opposite the gears which made cleanup a whole lot easier.

The last 2 days has been spent printing all the new parts.  The Dollar Tree lenses vary a bit in size so a press fit may not work, but other than that, everything is fitting very nicely.  

I think this version might be the one. (assuming it works)

I lack the energy to continue atm.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow.