Possible To Simulate Portal In Blender 2.79...

A project log for Interdimensional Portal Gun

A 3D printed portal gun, which projects animated portals.

david-h-haffner-srDavid H Haffner Sr 04/26/2018 at 14:070 Comments

The "orange" image is actually the camera, I presented this 2nd panel to show U how I set this up.

Yes, it is possible to simulate the merging of the 3 image plates that Daren wants to use in projecting the "Rick & Morty" interdimentional portal in Blender 2.79...How? Glad U asked, I've become more proficient at my modeling and overall graphic techniques and getting a better handle on animation so, I think I can simulate how the projection will actually look in the real world.

So I used Blender to design the 1st two animation plates the main static graphic and the 2nd plate which gives the illusion of motion, this render below is static for now because it illustrates the concept, the image behind actually is made of glass with the graphic textured on it and has it's own emission to simulate the LED lamp, the main static image in front is also made of glass.

There is no other lighting except the simulated LED light image, so U can see that the stenciling on the 1st image allows the 2nd image's texture to rotate and illuminate through the white stenciling and through the various densities of the color, the image is what we call "Baked" so there is an actual "normal map" for both images which gives illusions of density and "bumps."

This particular image is also an HDR image at 32-bit depth which if etched or "fractured" on a glass plate will preserve the original image's information.