hair dryer with ionizer teardown

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DeepSOICDeepSOIC 03/16/2016 at 20:010 Comments

Bought a new hair dryer. Don't turn it on - take it apaaaart!

Inside, there is a small high-voltage power supply, with a needle.

I can't seem to get any high voltage from that power supply.

The HV thing says:

input: 180-240V 50/60Hz
output: negative 3kV dc
power: 1W

1W means that at 3kV, I may be able to get 0.3 mA of current at best (unlikely!). That's waaay to tiny, so the supply doesn't look like something useful. I'm curious to know, what's inside, and can I boost its power somehow (e.g. if it's a charge pump, I can get more power by feeding higher frequency).

EDIT: it works. It was tricky to get a shot of the corona glow - 4s exposure time, very low illumination. Eyes need time to adapt to see this glow.