Another try, another fail. Serious this time.

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A gun to charge stuff around

DeepSOICDeepSOIC 04/08/2016 at 20:080 Comments

So, I made new corona wires (straight, this time). To make corona even more favored, I added a second grounded mesh on the other side.

It helped with corona. It worked quite good, requiring voltage of 4-6 kV and could sustain a corona current of a little above 1 mA.

So I've put it onto the blower, and fired it up.

Results. Disappointed.

It works, but veery slightly. It can charge me up so that a spark can go from me to ground via a gap of about 1 mm, and the charging is quite slow.

It cannot make sheets of paper stick to something, either.

And it is remarkably good at making ozone. It smells crazy.

Another thing I noticed, is that when I put my hand close to the nozzle, the air feels warm. This is quite strange. I'm pumping about 6W of high voltage in there, and that shouldn't be enough to significantly heat up the intense flow of air.