Pi Day 3.1416 Raspberry Pi 2/3 Retro Game Emulator

Running a custom based Debain GUI for running NES roms with usb controller. 3d Printed Nintendo Case for Pi.

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Part files .obj on Thingverse Printed Lid at 100% infill, Base and Top 20% infill 115c 2 shells Makerbot PLA post consumer White. 3d printer is a Makerbot Mini recommend a bigger print since parts may curl and there is not heated bed but good for my needs. Using epoxy sealer non-toxic. Primer. and Acrylic non-toxic paint. Hand painted. in progress will upload final pictures. Raspberry Pi 2 running a 64 gb micro sd with debian linux custom os running a OS for Nes emulator and super new. Roms your on your own. Easy to get check forums. Using a Hyperkin Pixel art usb controller bit stiff would go with a better controller in the future looking for two usb original nes and two super nintendo. adding lan support for multi player. will update progress. plan on running on solar. So far paint job mounted and card is formatted with couple 1000 roms.
update Went a head and designed a snes case to put the new pi 3 wifi in and works well.
3d printed custom pi cases :)

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decocidio wrote 03/23/2016 at 23:51 point

Pi3 has wifi

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