Supercapacitor powered LED wrist watch

Yes, it is crazy idea but why not? We have oled, epaper and nixie watch but use supercapacitor to power energy hungry led displays ?

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FEATURES in new 2016 version

Super capacitors are new power source, compared to batteries need different charging and power usage.
In previous version I have used 10F 2.7V supercap and step-up converter, it can suck scap voltage up to 0.3V
this solution effectively using energy but but unfortunately consume much more energy than standby RTC.

I have now about 7 days standby life on 1,5F supercapacitor

- optional DS3231 or RX8130CE rtc
- atmega timer2 async soft RTC
- 2x smd display 2 lines !!
- 1,5F 5V supercapacitor
- easy charging
- no balancer,


temperatures RTC, CPU
timer2 in async mode
supercapacitor capacity
RTTTL melody player
Alarm 1, configurable time, date, days in week
Alarm 2, configurable minute, hourly beep or time talk
sunset, sunrise time for selected earth position and date
moon phase

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Beranmar wrote 10/17/2019 at 22:15 point

Hi, this can save energy using e-paper display. you only need energy to change the display content and then you saving. For night, it can have really small led light.

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