The challenge mostly involves prelithiation of the cathode, but can also be getting proper nitrogen functionalization of the cathodes graphene.

The rest including the solid gel electrolyte I have mostly figured out.

The breakdown

Anode: 80% pristine mechanically exfoliated graphene from high purity graphite. 5% silver plated copper flake. 15% PVDF PVA DE GO LiClO4 LiNO3 electrolyte/binder.

I will also be pitting this against 4 dollar a gram graphene bought from Celtig LLC.

Cathode: 80% Graphene oxide slightly reduced or atmospheric Plasma functionalized graphene. 5% nickel flake. 15% PVDF PVA DE GO LiClO4 LiNO3 electrolyte/binder

Seperator: GO, DE, LiClO4 LiNO3 in PVDF

Lithiation of the cathode, will be accomplished by ball milling with metallic lithium or half cell discharging of a lithium foil into the cathode.

All materials will be THF soluble and sprayable, paintable or printable.

Major issues are using an airbrush and clogging I may just dip coat the materials on foils to begin with. Other than that everything is pretty much straight forward.

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