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A project log for Chromatize - Color Blindness Correction and More

Everyone is colorblind. Let's fix that.

PointyOintmentPointyOintment 03/22/2016 at 18:330 Comments

This morning I woke up to the news that my project had been written up on the Hackaday blog. Thanks, @Benchoff!

Thanks also to everyone who has liked my project so far, and, I guess, thinks it's worth a dollar!

Unfortunately, I'm a bit sick this week (as well as recovering from biting my cheek really hard, twice, in the same place), so work will be slowed/delayed for a while. However, I can still type fine, so I'll be posting another project log entry or two soon.

Some of the blog comments also alluded to other implementations and approaches to correcting color blindness, which I'm planning to cover in the next few days.

A couple of the blog post comments mentioned that the DLP filter wheels can shatter while spinning. I don't know what the risk of this in my application is (given that they're probably not being heated and cooled as much), but I think this is another reason to make custom filter wheels out of a safer material such as a plastic. I don't think the very narrow pass band of dichroic filters is necessary for this application (with the current approach, anyway). For the prototypes I'll put some kind of shield around them, I guess.