A project log for Chromatize - Color Blindness Correction and More

Everyone is colorblind. Let's fix that.

PointyOintmentPointyOintment 10/05/2016 at 15:190 Comments

Two days late for the Assistive Technologies round deadline. I thought it was today (not that I would have won anything). Oh well.

I stopped work on this project because I thought my color filter wheels and shutter glasses had been stolen. The other day I found them again: I had only misplaced them. Therefore I will be resuming work on this project.

In the meantime I mostly built a demo/test box to demonstrate the concept and test out different color filters—I bought a Lee filters sample pack at a photography store to try different filters for possible future incorporation into the glasses. I had intended to demonstrate it at Calgary Mini Maker Faire, but I only started building the box the night before, and didn't get it done in time. Next year™.

I also bought a second spectrophotometer of the same kind, which works fine. I'll probably put some kind of controller on it at some point for automated spectrum capture, and use the first one for parts. (Aside: The other week Surplus Sales had an LKB Biochrom Ultrospec II, a quite nice UV/VIS spectrophotometer which would also have been easier to automate, which I was considering buying, but by the time I'd looked it up online and returned to buy it, someone else had bought it. I can't go there very often anymore, because their hours are similar to my school hours.)

Anyway, now I need to do the following: