Simple Concept Sketches

A project log for Onero - Sign Language Translation Device

The focus of this project is to build a low cost, minimalist sensor glove that can be used to translate Sign Language for the Deaf community 04/24/2016 at 21:460 Comments

I am not very good at sketching but here are two pictures that give an indication of my idea.

The first image is just to show the layout of the device. Each finger will have one IMU ring that connects back to the main unit via cables. The IMU rings will be placed on the middle phalanx of each finger.

The Second image shows a simple concept picture of the IMU ring. The body will be 3D printed and it will house the IMU on the top. Another feature to consider is adding padding to the inside of the ring to make it more comfortable and to make sure it is secured to the finger really well.