March 30 Status Update

A project log for Seamless IoT Protocol Translation: Common Ground

The Internet of Things is limited by many incompatible protocols. Common Ground fixes this by translating protocols through a common proxy.

Samuel BowmanSamuel Bowman 03/31/2016 at 02:050 Comments

It's been 2 weeks since my last project update so I guess I'll document what I've been up to. Previously I was debating whether to stick to Python or move to C++, Java, or some other language. I have decided to write the core Common Ground application in C++ for the performance boost of a compiled language but implement the modules in Python for a number of reasons.

With these design choices in mind, I have been developing the core Common Ground application. Evidently, I remember more C than C++ and pretty much had to relearn the object oriented aspects of the language which was a huge time drawback. Because of that and the limited time I have to work on this project, I don't have as much implemented as I would like to yet. I have the core application framework, the mezzanine object, and a simple module for console data (still in C++, not Python yet) implemented. There is no user interface and any translation must be manually coded in and compiled. This leaves a nice to-do list of things to implement.

Since there is so little usability yet, I am not going to upload the code yet, but will instead give the horrible promise of sometime soon. Keep calm and code on!