Making the enclosure

A project log for 8 note Step Sequencer

This is a synth that produces squarewaves in different frequencies. You can use it to make a pattern of maximum 8 notes.

Mathias SundgrenMathias Sundgren 03/29/2016 at 21:460 Comments


I would like to make the enclosure in plexiglass in that way you will be able to see all the electronics inside. I'm aslo gonna leave it open because it will be easyer to fix and change things if I mess up.

Making the enclosure:

So I got this piece of plexiglass and now I just need to mark where I'm going to put the holes and drill.

After the drilling is don I bent it! That means I need to make a plexiglass bender! To make a plexiglass bender you need 3pc of wood, 1 aluminum U-shaped strip, 1 nichrome wire (you can also use a hot air gun) and 2 hinges. But I'm not goning go into how to make a plexiglass bender in this project.

Ok! So now I've finnished making my plexiglass-bender and I bent my piece of plexi already! It's a clean bend as you can see (90°

I forgot to take a picture of the second bend. The second bend didn't go so well because I went to fast and the plexiglass started to crack in the corner but for me it's not a problem.