Nitrogen Plasma Functionalization vs Ammonia functionalization

A project log for Highly Efficient Electrolysis of Water

Nitrogen doped graphene quantum dots are more catalytic than platinum for enhancing electrolysis of water.

MECHANICUSMECHANICUS 03/21/2016 at 23:500 Comments

There are two strategies for decorating these carbons with Nitrogen groups. If you have a graphene oxide to start with microwaving in simple household ammonia will replace the oxygen groups with nitrogen allowing a much higher concentration around 45% of nitrogen to carbon.

Another far less energy intense strategy is to simply use my nitrogen plasma functionalization route via microwave. Making graphene oxide is a royal pain in the you know what and is not favorable for mass production. The problem being that microwave nitrogen plasma will only yield around 3% to 10% by mass nitrogen functionalities.

So the test obviously has to include these two different compounds. As well as pristine graphene and carbon fiber by itself.

I also have plans to simply use pristine carbon fiber in a solution of suspended/dissolved graphene oxide/nitride. If the coating process can be skipped and no electrolyte used just graphene nitride in solution it would be much easier to prepare and scale much more rapidly.

I am getting all these materials together in preparation for the citizen scientist part of the 2016 HAD prize.