MyViz - IoT visualization and control

Manage your connected devices, webservices and visualize all your data from a single application

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Why go through multiple applications and websites to control your connected devices and key webservices ?
With the multiplication of connected devices, social media profiles and websites used every day for your home, lifestyle, work, transportation, and transactions, control and monitoring becomes unmanageable.

Through an open and plugin-based extensible architecture, MyViz allows you to manage your home temperature, monitor your sleep, track your investments, and much more from a single customizable application.

MyViz is designed to be easy to use, for everybody:
- multi-platform: desktop (Linux, Mac Windows) and mobile (Android, iOS)
- only one app to install
- embedded search engine for compatible webservices and connected objects
- one-click installation of plugins

MyViz aims to be a community project. You own connected objects, you use webservices ?

Write a plugin and contribute to make MyViz become one of the most useful software of the IoT revolution !

MyViz is based on freeboard, an open-source dashboard creation framework. Thanks to its open architecture, it is very easy to add:

  • datasources: wearable objects, home devices, webservices (weather, financial,...), IoT platforms (Xively, Thingspeak,...), hardware (Arduino, Raspberry Pi,...)
  • display widgets: plots, gauges, leds, pictures, maps, videos,...
  • control widgets: buttons, sliders, selectors, color wheels, joypads,...

Writing a plugin just requires basic skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Tutorials will be available soon, along with a Github repository and a dedicated website where you will be able to make your developments available for other people.

Some generic plugins are already developped (look at this video to see an extract of what they are:

They can be a very good starting point for the development of plugins for your favorites connected objects and webservices.

You love hardware and this project is "too much software" for you ? You can also contribute !

MyViz will also allow to write automation scenarios, which may naturally be executed on small hardware platforms (like Raspberry Pi, C.H.I.P,...), running even when you are not at home (an example is shown on the video:

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Project Website:

  • 1 × Arduino Uno Used for the example showing serial port communication with MyViz.

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pessomails wrote 11/10/2020 at 08:53 point

I am facing so many problems to manage my website is this application helpful to manage my site ???

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Nicolas Gachadoit wrote 03/22/2018 at 14:55 point

I just did. Seems very funny !

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WooDWorkeR wrote 03/22/2018 at 14:48 point

Did you maybe had a look into Google Paper Signals?

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