automated fume extractor

Build a soldering fume extractor that runs only when needed, automatically.

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I decided to re-purpose a small AC-powered air cleaner for use as soldering fume extractor.
Just hooking up a hose (so that the unit would sit off to the side or on the floor) would be lame.
So, I thought of a way to tech it out -- automate it!
*EDIT* Ignore most of the following (it'll still use a controller). I explain in the discussion.
My idea is that it would be plugged into a controller, which would have an IR sensor to watch the solder pencil for movement. When it senses movement, it would run the cleaner for ~30 - 90 seconds. Also, any movement during that time should reset the timer; thus, the cleaner will constantly run while the pencil in being used, then shut off a short time after last movement.

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Michael Klinosky wrote 03/25/2018 at 06:09 point

Well, now that I've thought about this project a bit, it occurred to me that Rube Goldberg would be proud of my contraption.

So, I've decided that the sensor should be a microswitch. It would be mounted to the pencil holder such that the pencil would operate it.

I still need a bit of circuitry (so that the switch turns the SCR on and off). No microcontroller needed for that!

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Michael Klinosky wrote 03/24/2018 at 13:32 point

I'm hoping that someone that knows 'common' electronics joins this project. I'm guessing that nobody has done a circuit like what I need here. And, I don't know enough to determine what components to use.

My idea is that it will be based on an IR motion sensor -- but it needs to ignore the human using the solder pencil. So, it needs to see only above ~200° F -- a range of ~600 - 800° F would work.

Next, what microcontroller to use to run it? Arduino? PIC? Something else?

Then, to control the air cleaner, I figure an SCR would work.

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