Update (goals and printer)

A project log for Open Sourcing Surgery

The project idea is to design custom surgical instruments like retractors both in size or shape and 3d print them

leandroleandro 03/27/2016 at 06:340 Comments

I don't know why i remembered today my days in a public hospital's emergency room (a few years ago), there were no suture kits (actually there was one, reserved for face wounds), consisting of needle driver and dissection pliers. The other wounds were sutured with an intramuscular injection needle and linen threads (i don't know the exact translation, it is an outdated - obsolete (but really cheap) type of suture).

One updated goal of this project is to provide to cheap and available suture kits for hospitals and health providers with limited resources (or just everyone for that matter).

UPDATE: i finished the XYZ axes of my scraps made 3d printer, now i am improving and calibrating (as plotter) them. I'll try next week to get the hotend and extruder (the only thing i am planning to buy). I hope i'll have a functional printer within 2 or 3 weeks.